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Hi to all,

I tried to make this Website a discussion area that will be in English in the English site and another in Spanish in the Spanish site. However, the tools available now, do not let me have two discussions sites or forums. In the Blog section that you see in Home page, I placed an area for Spanish only. That the only area that I was able to make in Spanish only. This Blog will be in English but I may write in Spanish too when is necessary. There are tools for translations. The Spanish site has that available. If you are bilingual, you will have no problems engaging in the English site. If you do not speak English, the Spanish site has translators available but no in the Discussion page. I am open to suggestions to make Catholic Church Apologetics (CCA) group, a website that you feel good to be there, to share and learn about Truth and you are happy to be here in a friendly environment and growing in the Lord spiritually. It will be tough topics that you will not like it but with love we can have a friendly debate to see who is right.

Welcome to all, share with all so this website CCA become active and grow with many members and place of sharing and learning.

God Bless all,


Administrator (Admin)

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