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                                                                                        Catholic Church Apologetics Group Rules

  1. All members must read and be familiar with the rules. 

  2. Discussions and posts friendly and two-way debates, address each other with love in spite of disagreements, follow group description.

  3. It must present reliable evidence to support argument, by link of the source or paste if legally ok, Bible verses with personal interpretation is not enough, it can be mentioned. If the same thing is posted with no reliable evidence, it will be deleted and why given, see the rules. The original will be left waiting for that evidence. Other members would respond to it to prove wrong with reliable evidence. That poster with no evidence in order to engage in discussions will need to prove the others wrong with reliable evidence too. All is for discussions and posts that warrant that. No all discussions warrant that.

  4. Foul language posts will be deleted and why given

  5. Sexual content will be deleted and no why given, this is a religious site, they should know that when becoming members.

  6. Proselytizing is not allowed, it means somebody that posts the same thing and do not care to respond when challenged with reliable evidence, see rule 1 and 2.  

  7. Personal attacks or harassment no allowed, posts that do not deal with the topics or discussions will be deleted, no personal vendetta here, why will be given.

  8. Follow policies or guidelines.

  9. Blogs or/and posts dealing in commercial or/and marketing way are not alllowed, selling things or advertize to sell things or related topics, they will be deleted and why will be given.

  10. Members that consistently does not care about the rules will be given one warning, if ignored that, posts that shows his behavior will be deleted. Another warning given and more deletions, if continue a third warning and more deletions, if this continue, they will be banned for 2 weeks. When allow to come back, the first bad behavior will triggered ban for 1 month, if come back and still bad behavior permanent banning, why will be given.

  11. Admin and Assistant Admin will follow rules and member banning on their own discretion, it would be some flexibility according to the situation. All members will be treated equally. We must set the example to all as much as possible and persevere, so people will know that we are Christians by our love. That example may help members to see the Truth, as happened in the Early Church so our behavior will not be scandal to others or the world; remember what Jesus said about that. Moreover, what you do to the little ones, you do it to me, Jesus’ words.

  12. Rules applied to non-members, especially if they post anything.    

  13. Rules are subject to change without notice.     

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